Yes, there are rules to everything :)

Some of my awards aren't that easy to win! But, I don't wanna scare you off..cuz you might not see how much your site affects other's day!!

Anyhow, let me explain the basic rules now

1> Absolutely NO Adult materials! No link to porno sites, or links to sites linking to porno sites!

2> Sites MUST have pagan/metaphysical contents or be inspirational!. Sometimes i make exceptions with lovely memorial pages and patriotic ones. Like, they must Appeal and TOUCH my heart!

3> Please have Something in your site that shows me what the site means to show me the REAL you, the effort you put in your site, the love you spread, the smiles and joy and feelings you share through your site. (now, doesn't have to be poetic and highly animated me something!!!)

4> Sites SHOULD NOT promote hatred, racism, intolerance in ANY form!

5> Private MSN groups may apply..but you'll have to let me in to see what you offer. Now, here's how it is done..As you email me an award nomination..I'll email you with a CODE..and when i apply to join your site..the code will be in the message to manager box. :). OR you MAY directly INVITE.  me to your site. Just email me and state you're interested in my awards when you send me the invite :)

6> Now, if you are a member of a private MSN site and want it awarded, It'd be great if you could ADD a little description when you send me the recommendation to join the site OR email me the URL.

7> This goes for everyone and all sites, I wont look at a site with offensive or intolerant name lol sorry but, i hope you understand :)

8> I don't have any problem with music :) I LOVE them lol

9> Commercial sites providing cheap services to pagans and others MAY apply!

 Now, award Here's what different awards mean


Beautiful Site Award

Im basically looking for good graphics. Now they should be relevant. Please Don't overload your pages with graphics but, they should be calm, peaceful or related :D, now n if your site is paranormal dealing with ghosts i wont get get upset to see a spooky homepage :) Good graphics and yes good info too :)

Caring Heart Award

I love sites concerned with with Nature, endangered species, fighting hunger and sending love to everyone in the world! Also, if you show love and inspire your visitors you are eligible for this award!

Divine Site Award

This award is for those unbelievable sites that provide so much love and support to visitors. Memorial pages may also fall in this category!. Oh i just LOVE wonderful memorial pages. Its for sites you visit and you know you're coming back so very often and signing their guestbook without being asked! Also poems and anything!!

Touched my Heart Award

Simply touch my heart. One way or the other. I'm not that hard to please :)


Angelic Award

Your site should be about angels or spread divine angelic love to all!

Your site is a blessing

The hardest one lol. While considering sites for this. I look for everything from love and light, unity, care, reaching out, informations, everything!!!!!!!! Yes, you can apply for this award but its a hardest one to win! The site goes beyond everything!!!!!!!

Educational Award

For sites providing resources to new psychics. Sites that provide resources about other religions can also please apply! Your site should be dedicated toward providing info and help anytime needed!

Enlightenment Award

For sites that go beyond educating! You should enlighten! This again is a very hard award to win.

None of these?

well don't worry if none of these match your site. Just send me the link, i might just create an award category for sites like yours!


 Good luck all!

May God bless you on your journey!

If you win any of our awards, please link back to us if only you'd like to :)





Here's the form. Goodluck!!!

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