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Hi I'm Ana.  I'm a psychic medium and clairvoyant (among other abilities of mine) and the owner of a Spiritual MSN group. I feel so honored by the wonderful lovely people who have visited my site, taken time to look at it and give us wonderful gifts. Thanks so much everyone. I decided to create an award site of my own. I will be visiting sites, MSN/Yahoo groups and personal sites to honor those lovely people who spend day and night spreading love and care throughout the world and providing lots of information to everyone in need. I must say there are so many such sites that have touched my heart that i feel it is important to give them some recognition.

So, I have started this Award Program. I will be looking for wonderful sites and yes, you CAN apply for any of my awards :). Just provide me with a link to your site!! Im really sorry that this site is so plain right now :(



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Please email your site URL with your name to britest_star_u@hotmail.com

Heres the link to My site if you'd like to check it out :) That's be appreciated :)

Love, Light and Blessings