Welcome to Pagan Awards.


As the name states, our mission is to bring together pagan sites and other sites providing metaphysical information/services.

Here are various Awards I offer. Please do not just take them! I can trace them!!!

(Awards are bigger than shown here :))

At this moment I have 8 awards for your site. I'll be adding more very soon :). Please email me your site URL and Title, (some of the awards come with your Site name on them!), your contact name and your email addy!!!! Yes, you could tell me which award you want and include a description of your site..but, Its ok if you forget :P

Beautiful Site Award:

For sites with wonderful web design. (has to have some metaphysical content/services!)

Site should provide Inspiration/support love and courage!

Should simply be divine!

I just created this new one :) !

Your site should touch my heart!!!


To a Site Dealing with angels and providing angelic Love to all :)

Your site is a blessing to the internet!

Your site aims at providing help to Psychic beginners

wooohoo!!! Yes, your site should enlighten me!

Other awards

well if your site doesn't match any of these, just email me your site URL, i might just create an award category for sites like yours!

Plus, you can apply for any of these awards I'm planning for future.

1> Pagan Excellence

2> Pagan Educational

3> Native Excellence

4> Unity Award (bringing all paths together :))

Thank you all.

Please read our guidelines and requirements for each award. i'd again like to remind..yes i do personally review your site and spend a LOT of time looking at your pages, links and etc. I AM a busy person but I do check my emails daily and I WILL review your site and send you a reply within 3 days. (At MOST).

Good Luck!

Hugs, Love and Light


May you have a great day!


Please email award requests to britest_star_u@hotmail.com. I love visiting new sites :)

If you'd like to take time to visit my site, that'd be really nice but of course there is no guestbook that you MUST sign..but it'd be great if you take time looking at my site cuz i like you, have spent much effort and time on it. Here's the link thanks again

~*~Remember ~*~

1> Your contact name/nickname

2> Your site title

3> Your Site URL

4> And always remember how special and precious you are!




Here's the form. Goodluck!!!

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