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(I'm sorry but at this moment, it is only available for members of spiritualblessing. Membership is free, all you need is a Hotmail account or a .NET passport. Maybe as time passes I'll be able to add it here too. :))

As you know, Spiritualblessing is a site dedicated to all paths, spiritual and psychic growth. The Daily Psychic Challenge is a fun way to improve your psychic abilities. We post pics and cards..you have to guess the images :) or sometimes use your tarot cards, pendulum or any method to get yes/no answers!!!! Of course we post lessons and exercises on HOW to develop your abilities. For this check out our Pearls or Wisdom, Board of Wisdom, Lessons and Assignments Boards.

Now, just to have some fun, we included an award program. When you post your answers and get them right..you get a point and after every 5 points..I'll make ya a siggy :D and after every 10 points you get an award saying what level you're at. levels are Level 1 Bronze, Silver, Gold, Level 2 Bronze, silver, Gold and so on. Each award comes with your name :).

Ok, enough talking lol here's the samples if ya wanna take a look at em :)

And yup, due to MSN space problem, i'll have to post your awards here :)








So goodluck here and remember a New Psychic Challenge is posted daily at the Fun Prediction board!!!!

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